Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your health starts from your kitchen

new cookery demo course in athy

Yuki kobayashi from Moyleabbey Organic Farm, whose organic fruit and veg stall is a regular feature of Sunday Farmers' Market in Athy, is starting a new cookery demonstration course in Athy. Yuki and her husband Liam have been growing organic fruits and vegetables and selling directly to the customers in Athy for the past number of years. 'We feel that the interest for organic food and healthy eating is growing all the time.’ Says Yuki. 'We grow wide-range of vegetables to meet the demand, and more and more people are trying new vegetables. As well as familiar vegetables and fruits, we have introduced stuff not so common in Ireland at the market, some are through Liam’s research and some are through Yuki’s experience in Japan. One of the purposes of this cookery course is to introduce how to use those vegetables and alternative ways of cooking familiar vegetables.’

Another emphasis of this course is vegan wholefood cooking. She will show how to create tasty,' satisfying meal without meat, fish or dairy, and common food allergen. ‘The idea is to offer alternatives to people.' Yuki explains. 'I pick one topic each session, the first one is rice. I will introduce not only how to cook rice differently but how to use rice products that can be used as an alternative to milk, sugar or wheatflour.' Yuki cooks meals for her family using such ingredients and she is convinced that their health has improved. 'I have always interested in healthy eating/cooking but it was when our son developed severe eczema as a baby that we seriously looked into alternative eating.’ She reflects. ‘We felt that there was nowhere we could eat out and nothing packaged we could buy. Since then I have researched and found out about food, cooking and health. I am hoping this cookery series to be a venue for not only cooking but also health information exchange.' she will combine her cooking and diet information with the oriental medicine point of view as she is currently studying acupuncture. ‘I am sure many people can be relieved from ailments by changing diet, but if you take out something you have to have something else to replace it otherwise the change won’t last. If I could offer someone something to make a change through the course I will be very happy.’

Yuki's new venture is called 'Moyleabeey Organic Kitchen' and the first session is on Sunday the 2nd November at 12.30-2.00pm. The venue is Healthy Living (healthfood shop) Yoga Room, 54 Leinster Street, Athy. For booking or more information contact Yuki 086 341 2006 or Helathy Living 059 864 1535.

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